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Business Promo in:

- Social Media Mentions

- Dancapalooza Program Ad

- Logo on Dancapalooza Flyer

- Mention on IGD Website


Business Promo in addition to Tier 1:

- Radio Ad Mention

- 2x3 Banner Displayed at Theater


Business Promo in addition to Tier 1 & 2:

- Showtime Mentions

- 4 Social Media ads Targeting your business


Business Promo in addition to Tier 1-3:

- Show credit: “Presented By” your Business!!!

- Front Cover header of Program!

- 30 Second mention during the show

We would like to give you an opportunity to make a difference in our local community by becoming a sponsor for our upcoming “Dancapalooza – Let’s Glow!” hosted by Island Groove Dance Company. This Performing Arts Showcase will take place in the Glenn Archer’s Performing Arts Center at Key West High School on May 21st at 4:30PM. This production features approximately 150 children, teens, and adults from all over the Lower Keys displaying their hard work in dance, athleticism, & SO MUCH MORE! To make this a magical and fulfilling experience for our families and students, we need sponsorships from our wonderful and generous business community to help offset operational costs & make it an affordable show for all families to attend. Just to give you an idea of what costs we are looking at; we have provided a tentative cost break-down for this production.

- Key West High School Auditorium: $800
- Custodians: $500
- Photo Op w/ step & repeat: $150
- Lighting/Sound $400

- Tech Materials: $250

Saturday Party Night Glow Flyer.jpg

- Props/Sets Staging: $400

- Trophies: $800

- Advertising: $400

- Videography: $500

Total: $4200

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