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Our theme is based off the movie "Buddy the Elf" and our wonderful Lower Keys Fluffer, Curtis will play the role of Buddy the Elf.  It's 2020 and YEARS have passed since he took that trip to NYC.  He was so inspired that he decided to open up his own Toy Factory!  All the little ones will be his fellow elf friends and adults will dress as Toys/characters/festive pajamas. 
- IG Dancers will have an Elf costume top provided to them at a cost of $15 per student. Includes a shirt and hat.
- Non-dancers are welcome to be an Elf @ $15 per child.
- Parade is Saturday, December 7th starting at 7 PM (You must arrive by 5:30/6PM to help arrange candy)
- You must provide 1 BIG bag of candy PER PERSON (NOT per family, we go through a lot of candy!)
- An optional Kid's CRAFT workshop on wooden airplanes that will be displayed on the float will be on Tuesday, December 3rd from 6-7:30PM @ a cost of $15 per person. (see other store product)

Elf Costume for Parade