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Tuition & Policies

Monthly Tuition Pricing

*Monthly tuition is due the 1st of each month*

*Click here to read our tuition policy*

45 MIN - 1 Hour Class

1 Class        $60

2 Classes    $115 ($5 OFF)

3 Classes     $165 ($10 OFF)

SPECIALTY 90 Minute Class

(Acro 3 & Lyrical Tech Only) 


*$5 Off each additional class(45-1hr Classes only)*

Registration Fee: $35 Per Student




Our new private session program includes one on one instruction, customized choreography, & performance opportunities!

(*Costume not included*)

Performers MUST be enrolled in at least 1 other class.

Open Weekly Slot Availability & Monthly Costs:

45 min.-1HR slot times are

Monday-Friday from 3-4PM 



Missed lessons are not reusable, refundable, or transferable.

24 Hour notice is needed to reschedule upon availability only.

NOTE: Please be sure to provide best Parent/Guardian E-mail since this will be our main source of communication.  ALSO, be sure to READ ALL OF THE IMPORTANT INFO BELOW! 

Important Dates


1st Day of Class

September 5th

Costume Deposits Due

Annual Recital: February 1st

Last Day of Class

Thursday, May 18th

Picture Day

Sun., April 30th

Full Dress Rehearsal

May 7th, 2023

Annual Dancapalooza Recital

May 21ST, 2023 (TIME TBA)

Holiday Closings



Mon., Nov. 21st — Fri., Nov. 25th


Winter Break

Mon., Dec. 19th — Fri., Jan. 2nd


Spring Break

Mon., Mar. 17th — Fri, March 24

2022-2023 Tuition Policy

$35 Annual Registration Fee per student.

Set tuition pricing, based on a 9 month calendar. Tuition is the same regardless of holidays, vacations, or how many weeks are in a given month. Theatre Dress Rehearsal serves as students’ last class.


First pay period tuition and registration fees are due at enrollment. Once enrolled, the student’s place is held in their applicable classes for the full season. Tuition and fees will be posted online in the IGD Parent Portal, where they can be paid for via convenient account management tools. The preferred payment option will be automatic payment via credit card, but other payment options will include cash, check, or credit card in person, by mail, or over the phone.

Late Fees: 

  • There is a $15 late fee charge if tuition is not paid by the 8th of the month. 

  • For every additional week unpaid, there will be an additional $15 late fee charge to your account.

  • Not paying an entire month will results in a new registration fee charge($35) after paying your unpaid balance to rejoin the season. 


Returned Checks:

  • $35 Fee


HOLIDA PARADE: $55 Per Family(dancer costume, candy, float build)

SPRING: $50-$65 Per Costume (Other fees may apply)

Cancellation Policy

Written request for dropped classes must be submitted 14 days before next pay period. No refunds will be given mid-session.

Make-Up Classes

Classes can be made up within 4 weeks of the missed date in any style (age-appropriate) or by approval. There will be no credit for missed classes. Consistent attendance is important to a student’s growth as well as to the curriculum of the entire class. If your dancer will be missing, please call the studio to inform of absence.




Island Groove Studio strives to bring excellence into each of its classes. Being uniform & prepared gives the students a sense of responsibility and organization. We believe that when dancers dress for success they start the process for achieving greatness.  Always be sure your IG student has a WATER for class. If a child is in need of an in studio bottled water(for purchase only), they must bring a $1. Otherwise, a $1.50 will be charged to your Parent Portal account.  Please review our Dress code carefully! 

All class attire will be available for purchase from Island Groove! Stay tuned for more info.  

(Small ear studs are the only acceptable jewelry.)



Blk leggings/shorts

Blk leotard/sports bra

Nude turn shoes

Ponytail or Bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)



Blk leotard/sports bra

Blk IGD shorts/leggings


Hair slicked back in low ponytail/bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)

For performance: Nude/tan Convertible tights



Lavender Leo Dress

Ballet Pink Tights

Pink Ballet Shoes

Black Tap Shoes

Hair slicked back in a high bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)



Lime Green/Purple/Blk Tshirt or Tank

Blk Shorts/Leggings

Athletic sneakers

Hair slicked back in High Ponytail



IGD BLK Ninja Shirt

Athletic Shorts

Bare feet

Hair slicked back in ponytail

(No loose hairs or whispies)


Blk Leotard/Tank

Blk Leggings/shorts

Blk Jazz shoes

Hair slicked back in low ponytail/bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)


Island Groove Dance Studio commits to anti-bullying. We provide a safe and supportive community that fosters a lifelong love for dance and creative expression. In order to guarantee that all of our dancers are able to best pursue their passion, we have implemented a comprehensive Anti-Bullying Policy applicable to all students, dance families, and staff.

Island Groove Dance Studio will not tolerate bullying in any form; physical, emotional, social or otherwise. Since our goal is to empower others and embrace individuality, one documented bullying event may result in immediate termination of enrollment.

As per the policy above, Island Groove Dance Studio recognizes that bullying does not just occur between students. Parents or guardians, who harass another student, parent, or Island Groove staff member, may also have repercussions, which could lead to suspension or termination of student.

Please report all incidents of bullying you experience or witness to our Studio Director immediately.

Call/Text: 305-509-3115


There will be no refunds given if a student is suspended or enrollment is terminated due to a bullying occurrence.

At Island Groove Dance Studio, respect and compassion are two of our core values. Our dancers have a right to learn and develop their art in a positive and respectful environment.

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