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This dynamic class emphasizes body movement to rhythms and the beat of modern hip hop-style music. Skills include body isolations, basic hip hop steps and strength of movement. This fun and exciting class is geared toward the developing, elementary-age mind and body. Students will learn the latest, cutting edge hip-hop and street choreography. Dancers should expect to receive fast paced progressions and choreography from both the East and West coast, upbeat current Pop, Hip-Hop and age-appropriate Rap Music.



Lyrical dance is the art of communicating the story of a song or “lyrics” through movement. This type of story telling can be literal or abstract, so the dancers are stretched to utilize their ballet based technical skills in conjunction with presentation and performance. Lyrical often employs down- tempo or slower music where the dancer uses controlled and sustained movement styles. Dancers will explore new ways of moving in combinations, floor work, and also in various methods of improvisation.



Young Ninja’s learn flexibility, strength, tumbling, & obstacle maneuvers.  This 1 Hour class is perfect for highly active boys and girls looking for a fun, recreational activity. Here they can learn true ninja style movements and techniques within the confines of a safe and controlled environment. Students will learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.



Beginning and young Acro students, focuses on safety, flexibility, strength, beginning and finishing positions, and proper body, foot, and leg positions. This class includes 45 minutes in Acro Tumble and 45 minutes in Intro to Acro Dance class. Skills include splits, bridges, forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.



(By instructor placement) Advancing Intermediate Acro students, focuses on increased strength, power, control and proper skill execution. Skills include front and Front & Back aerials, back layouts, hand walking, handstand presses, back handsprings, front and back tucks, controlled leg movement while in elbow and handstand, front handsprings, leg movement while in the handstand position, and the combination of moves in tumbling passes.


This 1HR class focuses on basic movement and dance skills to develop coordination, balance, musicality, timing, and flexibility. Classes are curriculum-based, using fun imaginative stories, props, illustrations, & age appropriate classical music.  This combo class gradually introduces the children to the fundamentals of Ballet & Tap technique while encouraging self-discipline, musicality, self expression & spatial awareness. Your child will develop listening skills, be encouraged to follow instruction all while learning to work both as an individual & in groups. 

  • How much are classes?
    Monthly Tuition Pricing Tuition is DUE on the 1st of Every Month ​ 45 MIN - 1 HR Classes 1 Class - $70 2 Classes - $135 ($5 OFF) 3 Classes - $195 ($15 OFF) 4 Classes - $250 ($30 OFF) ​ SPECIALTY 90 Minute Classes (Inter/Advanced Acro & Inter/Advanced Lyrical) $90/Month Each (No Discounts) ​​ Annual Registration Fee: $45 Per Student
  • Am I able to enroll mid-month?
    Initial Enrollments that fall AFTER the First Class of the Month will be prorated. The $45 1x Annual Registration Fee will still apply.
  • When can I enroll?
    Registration is OPEN for our Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Season. We close registration once a class becomes FULL, however you may still add your child to the class wait-list. Any enrollments after February 1st may not be guaranteed placement in our end of the year Annual Dancapalooza Showcase Event (Recital) due to costumes needing to be ordered in advance.
  • Can I cancel? Once I sign up, do I have to finish the whole year?
    While we rarely have students who choose to discontinue their classes, yes, our system does allow for you to withdraw from classes at any time. We do require a 2 Week Notice if your child does not plan to continue into the next month. This is especially important when a class is full with waitlisted students. Without proper notice of cancelation, you may be responsible for paying the next month’s tuition even if your child stops attending. Mid-session cancellations are not refundable. You may finish out the remainder of the month you cancel in.
  • Are there other fees in addition to tuition?
    There is a 1X Annual $45 Registration Fee per student when you register for our Fall/Spring Seasons. There is No Registration Fee for our Summer Dance Sessions. Costume Fees are expected to be $75-$100 per costume. There is a $100 Performance Fee for Each Showcase Participant. (4 Installments of $25/Month February-May) Includes: - Recital Fee (Extra Rehearsals, ect.) - Recital T-Shirt (1 Per Student) - Media (Show Video & Photos) - Showcase Program - Participation Award Trophy Holiday Showcase (Optional): - $55 Per Student
  • If my child is sick and has to miss, can they make up the class?"
    Of course! They are welcome to attend any other age/skill appropriate class during the week. While we are happy to offer this, consistency is where we see the most progress so frequent make ups are discouraged. After Jan 1, most classes are working on recital work in addition to class curriculum, so please note missing your child’s own class also has them missing out on recital choreography and practice for the week.
  • What Holidays is the studio closed for?
    Island Groove Dance Studio is expected to be closed for: Most Major Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc) Winter Break Spring Break The studio follows most Monroe School Calendar Closures. Any other closures are communicated in advance.
  • How can I volunteer to be a Studio Mom or other studio jobs?
    We are always looking for helping hands. Let us know if you would be willing to volunteer some time or if you have any special talents you would like to share with our studio. Contact Studio Director Renee: 305-509-3115

Island Groove Studio strives to bring excellence into each of its classes. Being uniform & prepared gives the students a sense of responsibility and organization. We believe that when dancers dress for success they start the process for achieving greatness.  Please review our Dress code carefully! 

Small ear studs are the only acceptable jewelry.



Blk leggings/shorts

Blk leotard/sports bra

Blk long socks

Ponytail or Bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)



Blk leotard/sports bra

Blk IGD shorts/leggings


Hair slicked back in low ponytail/bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)

For performance: Nude/tan Convertible tights



Lavender Leo Dress

Ballet Pink Tights

Pink Ballet Shoes

Black Tap Shoes

Hair slicked back in a high bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)



Lime Green/Purple/Blk Tshirt or Tank

Blk Shorts/Leggings

Athletic sneakers

Hair slicked back in High Ponytail



IGD BLK Ninja Shirt

Athletic Shorts

Bare feet

Hair slicked back in ponytail

(No loose hairs or whispies)


Blk Leotard/Tank

Blk Leggings/shorts

Blk Jazz shoes

Hair slicked back in low ponytail/bun

(No loose hairs or whispies)

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