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8 Week Semester - $160 

(Price includes 8 Classes)

October 7th-December 2nd

Saturdays 10AM-11AM

Ages 9-14



Classical Ballet:  The classical ballet course will be held for eight one-hour sessions.  It will include floor stretches, barre work, center practice, adagio, movements traveling across the floor, allegro, and reverence. "Across the Floor" movements include jumps and leaps, such as: saute, changement, echappe, grand jete, tour jete. This class will bring poise and grace to the dancer and will give them the knowledge that they need to attend ballet classes in the future.

*In addition, A portion of this class will focus on strengthening the feet, ankles, and muscles necessary for future potential pointe work.  Dancers must be able to pass an assessment before earning their pointe shoes. For safety and the longevity of a dancer, this typically happens at/about age 12-13 once the dancer’s feet and core strength are strong enough. Dancers who are 10-11 years old who take this class should not expect pointe shoes within their first year of class. Pointe shoes should not be purchased until approved and must be fitted by a professional.*


Class dates:

10/7 - 10/14 - 10/28 - 11/4 - 11/11 - 11/18 - 11/25 - 12/2

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Meet Jessica

Jessica Tipler is a Florida native who grew up in the nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine, FL.  Throughout her youth, she studied classical ballet and studied professionally at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in the performing arts from the University of North Carolina, Asheville, as well as certification for ballet instruction from the ASFA.  Jessica has been teaching ballet and tap since 1997 and continues to want to inspire the love of dance in others. 

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