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Receive hope from Hope herself as she shares her gift of channeling loved ones that have crossed over with her psychic mediumship abilities. Sit with her one on one for a mini tarot card reading including past, present, & future fortunes. Work with her using a blessed pendulum asking spirit yes or no questions concerning your fate and destiny. (Learn more about Hope, see bio)


Together, let's raise our vibration using only love and white light & be open to a sacred spiritual connecting experience. 

6:45 PM- 7:00 PM: Mix & mingle with snacks & drinks.

7:00 PM - 7:30 PM: Group intro & group readings/activities.


7:30 PM-8:45 PM: One on One readings, enjoy food & drinks on our outdoor veranda while you wait! 


Tickets are $45

Space is limited

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Hope Haley is a local favorite psychic medium and spiritual advisor. She grew up in Maryland but has lived in the Florida Keys for 23 years. At an early age of 10 she realized she was blessed with the ability to receive visual impressions and auditory messages of those that have crossed over. As she grew older, her Cuban grandmother noticed her abilities and guided her with the use of spiritual tools, such as, blessed pendulums, tarot cards, tea leaves, and a scrying mirror to communicate with the departed.  Her gifted abilities continued to blossom as she got older.  Her vibration was so strong by her 30’s, she decided to train for evidential mediumship and study at the Omega Institute in New York with psychic medium John Holland. She continued on to the Arthur Finldlay college in the UK for advanced spiritualism & psychic science with medium Rev. Janet Nohavec. And Soon after was honored to be a certified spiritual medium from the school of World renown psychic medium James von Praagh. And is excited to announce she will be featured in the Bob Olson best psychic directory in 2023.  


In addition to her spiritual advising readings Hope also provides psychic development courses to help train those with their own personal intuitive abilities. She can provide a mentoring program for anyone who wants to discover and develop their innate psychic abilities to connect with their loved ones and spiritual guides for the purpose of gaining greater insight and guidance in life. She can also teach how to choose and safely use the divination tools that are most suitable for unique abilities such as oracle tarot cards, pendulum‘s, crystals, and intuitive auto writing. 


Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, Hope’s intuitive gifts are delivered with compassion, understanding, and love. Group settings or one on one, hope from Hope blessings from above as below, are received In a safe sacred space.  

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